Featured Artist

From June 24th until September 1st, we will be featuring the vividly colored, Tejano and pre-Columbian indigenous inspired art exhibition titled: Chican@ Roots – Nuestras Raices – The work of Santa Barraza“. With a combined influence of familial heritage and Incan ideology, Barraza does not disappoint. Individually, each piece conveys a different story and allows the viewer to study and decipher the purpose as to why the graphics dispersed within the artwork are valuable.

Below are a select few of Barraza’s creations:

"Codex of Rigoberta Menchu"
“Codex of Rigoberta Menchu”, 1993



"Codex of the Sacred Heart", 1993
“Codex of the Sacred Heart”, 1993
"Virgen Indigena", 2014
“Virgen Indigena”, 2014