Supernatural Experiences

The circle of historical homes located in Heritage Park each have had their fair share of ghostly experiences, with the Tejano House being no exception. Spectators have claimed to immediately sense strange vibes upon entering the originally named Grande-Grossman House.

Exploring the three sections of the first floor  gives way to the suspense that self-proclaimed ghost hunters thrive off of. The anterior section is small in size, yet seems to hold a lifetime’s worth of unrevealed history. With two strategically placed, full sized windows, visitors are able to discreetly view the center  of the grounds and anyone entering the walkway from the side of the house.

The hind portion of the ground floor is divided into two areas: The Heroes Room and The Maps Room; the former leading towards the back of the house, while the latter room faces the neighboring house . Artists who have spent numerous hours, rearranging their featured art until twilight breaks, have noted what is assumed to be raspy whispering from the stairwell and The Maps Room. Staff members from the Tejano House frequently hear commotion out on the ground floor deck, as if a wondering passerby is leisurely observing the house and occasionally have felt as though they were being watched from afar.

If guests are daring enough to venture past the first floor, the second  floor is the place to be when it comes to experiencing eerie chills running up one’s spine. Halfway up the stairwell, if one were to cautiously climb the steep steps, feelings of angst and distraught seem to takeover one’s self; as if someone from a previous time had encountered a misstep.

The second floor contains historical content relating to Tejano culture then and now. The right side hosts two rooms that display a wide variety of map layouts and flags that once represented a united front. Adjacent to the left side of the stairway, there lies an extended room where pictures and drawings of influential Chicanos hang, along with valuable information pertaining to their contributions. It was here where staff members felt the heavy presence  of a supernatural visitor. Feelings of anxiety and paranoia cause one to experience the “fight or flight” syndrome; constantly anticipating a paranormal reveal.

The view from the second floor deck is quite exhilarating. Glancing over the ledge sends a rush of euphoria through one’s self. From this level’s advantage, travelers can oversee the entire park area. The scenery oddly enough resembles the Goosebumps franchise opening sequence, a cinematic oddity.